2022 Municipal and Regional Elections

2022 Municipal and Regional Elections cover image

GREN sent a survey to all regional, city, and township candidates running in Waterloo Region. We asked the following questions:

  1. Cities/urban centres are responsible for 80% of our greenhouse gas emissions. What is in your plans to reduce that?

  2. What are your plans to support a 15-Minute City where everything we need can be accessed by foot or bike in that time and reduce vehicle use?

  3. The Doughnut Economy is a working model that addresses both social and environmental issues to create a livable future for everyone without exceeding Earth’s ability to provide.
    What are your priorities to meet these challenges?

  4. Optional question: Do you have campaign donations from speculators/developers and, if so,
    what percentage of your funding?

Below are responses from candidates who responded to the survey.

Regional Chair Candidates
Cambridge Candidates
Kitchener Candidates
North Dumfries Candidates
City of Waterloo Candidates
Wellesley Candidates
Wilmot Candidates
Woolwich Candidates

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